The Ancient Ones – Majestic Redwoods

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The redwoods are mystical, magical and anyone who has spent time within a redwood forest knows of their majestic beauty and reverence. Some of the symbolism associated with redwoods are: community, intuition, wisdom and enlightenment. Recently I had the opportunity to receive their wisdom and here is an excerpt from the experience.

Redwoods – The Teacher

I’m trudging along the hiking trail with towering redwood trees aligning my path but my mind is elsewhere; scrolling through my never ending to-do list in my overworked brain. Didn’t I come here to disconnect and get away from the constant barrage of noise?

I round a bend when a sudden gust of wind swirls through me. Swoosh! The cool air is an instant rush and my body tingles.    

Taken aback, I stop in my tracks. There before me is a grand redwood tree. A placard in her red, thick skin states she is over 1,000 years old. Her name: Mother.


I nestle at the base of her trunk; gazing up at her massive pillar of strength and fortitude. She has survived many lifetimes and continues to thrive. I’m in awe of her.

When I first met the redwood trees, I was enamored by their beauty, strength and perseverance. I knew they had great wisdom to share if I cared to listen – and so I did.

Now years later, I’m listening with a deeper awareness. The Ancient Ones are here to share their wisdom and they have much to reveal.


I leaned into Mother and feel her strength support my body. Serenity takes over and there is a deep connection of knowing, like old friends meeting once again as if no time has passed.

I listen for any words of wisdom I can grab and stash into my emergency tool kit to use whenever it is deemed necessary.

“One step.”  She murmurs.

“Ok… what does that mean?” I think to myself.  I’m a bit confused and slightly annoyed. Rather than become frustrated, I lean in further, deeper.

I glance up and through Mother’s branches; a hawk circles above in the bright, cloudless sky. “Yes, a bird’s eye view, a broader perspective. Step back, assess and take the next step… one step.”


My body relaxes into Mother and her branches seem to wrap around me; forming a protective cocoon. I need this time to rest and gestate; to clear the fog of the white noise that constantly bombards us each day.


The tension seeps out of my body, letting go of my worries and even that never ending to-do list while Mother graciously absorbs it. It’s all right to rest and cloister away; it’s what I need. I ask for more guidance.

I close my eyes and listen to the vibrant sounds all around; an owl greets me in a nearby tree, a gurgling brook flows in the distance, and the wind gently caresses my brow. I bask in nature’s animated symphony when Mother whispers:


Hmmm. “Trust?” I ask.

“Trust.”  She says gently.

Indeed, trust. Trust myself, my heart, my intuition, trust love and the divine intelligence of the Universe.


This is why I love connecting with Mother Nature; she always speaks from truth and gets to the heart of the matter. Trust in the wisdom within our hearts and its steadfast loving guidance. That’s one thing I know I can count on; trusting my heart because in the past, this has always lead me to where I needed to be.

And when life’s waters become turbulent and the white noise around me becomes dense and burdensome, I trust even more. Because when I trust with an open and courageous heart, the path appears and the magic begins.

Sincerely and with gratitude,


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