Self-Care: Alleviating Stress for A More Empowered You!

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We’ve all had those days where stress is at the forefront; whether we are racing to make deadlines, running to pick-up the kids from school or fighting traffic to get home from another frenetic day to be with your loved ones, it seems stress is ever present in our lives.

Many of my clients have recently expressed the intensity of their stress and how it impacts them. Sometimes this stress and anxiety can last longer than 24 hours.  With the current events happening around the world, it’s difficult not to feel some sort of stress come bubbling up to the surface when viewing the news. In our ever changing world, stress is going to be a given; but it’s how we react to it that counts.

What is needed now (possibly more than ever) is a priority to self-care.  Unhealthy stress can lead to health problems including: high blood pressure, obesity and heart disease.  When we make the time to care for ourselves, we are more equipped to handle stress in a healthy and empowered way.

Here are a few ways you can beat stress and navigate your way to better wellness and a conscious practice in self-care.

Meditate and alleviate.
Meditation is a wonderful stress reliever and helps reduce anxiety and depression. It can increase awareness and has a restorative impact on the body.  A few minutes of meditation each day can lead to lifelong benefits.

Breathe and receive.  
Deep and conscious breath work can reduce anxiety, creates relaxation and clarity.  Other benefits include: lowering blood pressure and a boost in energy.  When we focus on our breath, it brings us back to the present moment and when we are present, we are at our most powerful.  

Crystals = powerful allies.
Crystals have been around for thousands of years; dating back to ancient Sumerians, which used crystals in rituals while ancient Egyptians used various crystals for wellness and protection.  There are some scholars who believe that the Great Pyramids were healing centers and were used to facilitate different healing modalities – but this is for another blog!

Crystals have the capacity to heal and balance energies within our bodies. Each crystal is unique and has its own healing properties.  Try Lepidolite to reduce stress and promote harmony in your life. Rose Quartz is another powerful crystal that has a soothing energy and assists in compassion and unconditional love.  

Nature’s calling!
Immerse yourself in nature.  Mother Nature is a formidable presence within our lives and she reminds us that being who we are is enough.  Take some time to connect with nature – whether it’s on a hike through a wooded forest or a walk along the ocean or a lake, being in nature is highly restorative and creates a sense of inner peace.

Exercise and thrive!
Exercise releases endorphins and regular exercise reduces stress and creates a sense of wellbeing. Whether you are pumping iron at your local gym or taking a time out for a 20 minute walk, exercise is a great stress reliever and a confidence booster.   

Gratitude brings fortitude.
Gratitude for what we have (i.e. our health, family, etc.) can bring us back to what’s important in life and the courage to continue on our chosen path.

Try this as an exercise: write down three things you are grateful for each morning and before you go to bed, read them aloud.  Being mindful of all the blessings allows us to focus on what’s positive in our lives. When we see how much we have to be thankful for, stress has a way of melting away.

Taking a few minutes each day to connect with some of these self-care practices will lead to feeling less stress and allowing more wellness to enter your life.  I believe everyone is here on this beautiful planet to share their gifts and to thrive.  

So, kick unhealthy stress to the curb and allow your authentic self to shine!

With love and deep gratitude,


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